ARID 1760 – 6mm Creedmoor


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There are 1,760 yards in a mile, and this rifle sends bullets at that range with accuracy that you must experience for yourself. Well worth the weight at between 8 and 12 pounds, the Arid 1760 tactical rifle is a brilliant, patented, guaranteed choice – whether you shoot for fun, competition, long-range hunting, or for a living.

The Arid 1760 achieves its mind-blowing accuracy with patented Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ technology and .0005″ machining tolerances. It also delivers superior repeatability, thanks to its patented No-Fail Cycling™ technology. Finally, you’ll appreciate Arid’s fully-adjustable stock to ensure a perfect union between the rifle and rifleman.

This newly completed 6 Creedmoor shot a .277″ 3-shot group at 100 yards using 100 Grain Sierra GameKing factory ammo. This will make a deadly predator or small to medium sized game rifle, or benchrest setup for its owner-to-be. 6 Creedmoor is one of the easier to find factory ammunition types these days, and this rifle will shoot a wide variety of it with impressive accuracy.

*Buyer to choose rear Flush Cup installation location.


Model: AllTerra Arid 1760 CSR0028
Caliber: 36 Creedmoor
Stock: Manners EH1A
Barrel: 26″ Proof Sendero 1:7.5 with AllTerra 4-Port Brake
Trigger: Trigger Tech DIAMOND@ 2.5 lbs
Stock Color: TAC Midnight
Metal Color: Cerakote Graphite
Length of Pull: 13.5″
Bottom Metal: Hawkins DBM (Sold with low-profile Hunter magazine, also works with extended M5 mags)

Weight: 8lb 5.3oz (as shown in images with magazine installed)

Test Group: .277″ at 100 Yards with Sierra GameKing 100 grain factory ammo.