The world of custom and semi-custom rifles can be overwhelming. With seemingly endless options (cartridges, components, bullets, builders, etc), how do you make good decisions when upgrading or building a rifle? And from a high level, what are some of the most popular misconceptions about precision rifles for hunting? We dive into these questions, and more, with Drew and Todd from AllTerra Arms.

Join Garth and Isaiah as they visit with Drew and Todd of ALLTERRA ARMS to discuss what sets their rifle systems apart from the competition. Topics discussed include: calibers, barrels, AllTerra patents, 7PRC, and more!

Topic: AllTerra Arms and its unprecedented, unbeatable performance guarantee

<0.5-MOA accuracy with factory ammo. Absolute 100-percent reliability in all field conditions 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.  All this in ultralight precision hunting rifles.

Welcome to a brand new episode of The Fair Chase Podcast!

Today we are joined by Drew Foster and Mike Schwiebert from AllTerra Arms. We discuss with them why they were a part of a new rifle production company, what makes Allterra unique, and we ask how far is too far of a shot.

AllTerra Arms uses the finest materials available along with meticulous quality control to accomplish the goal of producing the most accurate bolt action rifles. Based in Boise, Idaho; we connected with their team to talk about the business and all the exciting changes planned for 2021.