Our History: Transforming Firearm Technology

Our mission is to use innovation to create the world’s most accurate and reliable firearm, guaranteeing an epic shooter experience. By combining our 20 years of experience in the hunting and shooting sports industries with an analysis and redesign of the standard bolt action, we have created a new bolt action rifle that eliminates the flaws inherent in the present technology.

Consequently, after two years of research and development, prototyping, field testing, and patent applications, we have finally achieved our goal of producing a rifle that bridges the gap between benchrest rifle accuracy and hunting rifle reliability!

Founded by owner Andrew Foster in 2015 and located in Boise, Idaho, the AllTerra Arms manufacturing process utilizes high precision CNC milling machines and lathes, using the finest materials available along with meticulous quality control to accomplish the goal of producing the most accurate bolt action rifles available. Starting with a passion for precision shooting and a genius for the inner workings of firearms, the designer Drew Foster has not just simply improved the standard bolt action rifle, he has completely redesigned it by approaching the problem of bolt face to barrel, and, barrel to receiver alignment, in an entirely unique manner that ensures precision accuracy and high reliability!

Patents Pending. US Patent: 10466005 and US Patent: 10670354

Our Philosophy

It is our passion to design and produce the highest quality long range rifles specifically for the hunting market.

It is our assessment that no one has solved the dilemma of producing a high precision long distance shooting instrument that can stand up to the abuse that occurs in typical hunting or combat situations. Products available today typically compromise accuracy to maintain reliable operation in harsh outdoor conditions. Or, they tighten tolerances and increase weight to improve accuracy, both of which adversely impact their reliability and usefulness in the field.

New Patented technology built into our first series of rifles — Convergence™, is designed to solve this ages old dilemma.

To accomplish this goal, we have built a totally new rifle based on radically different designs that are integrated into a complete shooting system.

Even with the best rifle technology, a rifle is only as good as its components. We spared no expense with design and manufacturing of all of the Convergence™ components. Everything from the custom made firing pin, to the ergonomic one piece billet bolt has been engineered from the ground up.

Consequently, we intend to sell completed custom rifles that are fully tested to deliver outstanding accuracy and reliability at weights desired by our customers.