Lightweight Hunting Rifle

The Mountain Shadow Carbon™ is a compact, lightweight rifle that packs a heavyweight punch. It features our patented Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ for exact concentricity, and patented No-Fail Cycling™ for guaranteed operation. With its match-grade carbon barrel and innovative stock design, you’ll enjoy guaranteed sub .5 MOA 3-shot groups with premium ammo.

Design, research and testing of the Mountain Shadow Carbon™ spanned nearly five years, with valuable input from hard-core sheep hunters and guides who know what they need from a lightweight, long-range rifle.

Yielding a supreme, lightweight construction geared toward the most demaning hunts, the Mountain Shadow CarbonTM is the industry leading example of a performance mountain rifle. These precision rifles come with either 20 or 22-inch Sendero contour carbon barrels with twist rates to handle modern high-B.C., heavy-for-caliber bullets. Recoil is significantly reduced from our innovative V4 muzzle brake and Carbon Hunter stock design. Ounces make pounds and we’ve done our due diligence to ensure this rifle is as reliable and accurate as can be, without holding you back on the mountain.

The Mountain Shadow Carbon™ is our #1 best seller and has assisted sportsmen all over the world. This rifle is best described by its characteristics: noble, credible and intricate. Be assured that no matter the conditions, the weather or animal, this functional work of art will not let you down.

Features our patented Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ and No-Fail Cycling™ design


CNC machined preheated 416 stainless steel
Wire EDM cut raceways
Integral recoil lug
Extended length magazine for VLD bullets
Lengthened Ejection Port


CNC machined from one piece hardened 4140
chromoly steel
Skeletonized bolt handle and deep fluted bolt body for reduced weight
Ergonomic bolt handle and knob
Engineered firing pin designed for faster, consistent
lock time
Dual ejectors for improved ejection angle
Mini M16 Extractor Nickle Boron coated
Nickel Boron Coated


Match-grade, hand-lapped carbon fiber barrel
20” or 22” Lightweight contour
5/8 – 24 threaded for suppressors
Includes end cap and AllTerra V4 muzzle brake


Our proprietary Carbon Hunter ultralight stock
Multiple colors available
Pillar bedded and free-floated barrel channel
CNC machined floorplate bottom metal
Extended length internal box magazine for long
Optional Detachable Box Magazine available


TriggerTech Primary adjusted to 2 lbs
Other trigger options available


Starting at 6 lbs
Varies depending on options


Cerakote metal finish for maximum durability
Multiple colors availalble


22-250 Rem
6mm Creedmoor
6.5 Creedmoor
6.5 PRC
7mm Rem Mag

280 AI
28 Nosler
308 Winchester
300 PRC

300 Win Mag
300 WSM
300 RUM
30 Nosler
33 Nosler
Call for other calibers

The perfect mountain rifle – lightweight, benchrest accurate, field-proven reliable, performance guaranteed and like all our rifles it’s Built For You!