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“After meticulously testing two AllTerra Arms Convergence rifles all summer, I can honestly attest that the goals Drew Foster intended to achieve have been met. This proprietary design yielded excellent results. Switching from load to load interestingly displayed minimal POI shift from zero, perhaps due to the harmonic consistency induced by the unique alignment characteristics of this design, particularly between barrel and action. Shot dispersion due to bore axis shifts seemed to be minimized no matter what ammo was used. Although the rifle shot incredibly well on paper at 100yds, it was very revealing to shoot the 6.5mm Creedmoor 143gr Berger VLDs well beyond their max supersonic range. At 1 mile, the bullet jackets recovered from hitting the steel plate showed that dynamic destabilization in the transonic did not occur. The bullets were perfectly aligned along their flight path as shown by the perfect star shaped banana-peeled jacket bodies which indicate the bullets hit the target dead-on – well past their max super sonic range. Other conventional designs typically exhibit dramatic destabilization at similar distances due to radical bullet yaw, partially induced by axial misalignment through the system. All I have to say is that the design is NOT bullshit, it really does pan out in real life, the rifles are very classy, and Drew is an incredibly hard working Patriot who has hard earned my legitimate respect. If you could have only 1 rifle, this new system is certainly worth a look.” —Rex Tibor

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