AllTerra Carbon – 300 PRC


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The AllTerra Carbon is perfection for minimalists and mountain hunters who demand the highest performance in extreme conditions. In fact, we challenge anyone to find another lightweight hunting rifle that shoots with more accuracy at 1000 yards and with equal field reliability.

By combining patented Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ technology with the lightweight, tuned & tested carbon fiber wrapped barrel, we achieve harmonics that are the envy of the industry. It’s no wonder that this rifle, along with every AllTerra Arms creation, is guaranteed for sub .25” 3-shot groups with our custom ammunition and sub .5” 3-shot groups with premium factory ammo.

This brand new, ready-to-ship 300 PRC shot a .371″ 3-shot group at 100 yards using Hornady Precision Hunter 212-Grain factory ammo.

 This rifle comes with a Pic Rail or Talley Rings installed, buyer’s choice.


Model: AllTerra Carbon CLR0040
Caliber: 300 PRC
Stock: AllTerra Carbon Hunter with .8″ Pad
Barrel: 24″ IBI Carbon 1:9 with AllTerra V4 Brake
Trigger: Trigger Tech Primary @ 2.5 lbs
Stock Color: Everglade
Metal Color: Cerakote Graphite
Length of Pull: 13.5″
Bottom Metal: Hawkins BDL
Rear Sling Mount: 1 Sling Stud
Forend Mounts: Pic Rail (Or 2 sling studs for $50 off listed price)

Weight (without scope + rings): 7lbs 1.7oz

Test Group: .371″ at 100 Yards with Hornady factory ammo (Precision Hunter, 212-grain ELD-X)