Long Range Hunting Rifles

There are 1,760 yards in a mile, and this rifle sends bullets at that range with accuracy that you must experience for yourself. With a base weight starting at 9 pounds, the Arid 1760™ tactical rifle is a brilliant, patented, guaranteed choice – whether you shoot for fun, competition, long-range hunting, or for a living. The best custom long-range hunting rifles on the market.

The Arid 1760™ achieves its mind-blowing accuracy with patented Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ technology and .0005″ machining tolerances. It also delivers superior repeatability, thanks to its patented No-Fail Cycling™ technology. Finally, you’ll appreciate Arid’s fully-adjustable stock to ensure a perfect union between the rifle and rifleman.

Featuring our patented Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ and No-Fail Cycling™ design


CNC machined preheated 416 stainless steel
Wire EDM cut raceways
Integral recoil lug
Extended length magazine for VLD bullets
Lengthened ejection port


Match-grade, stainless steel, hand-lapped
Choice of round, fluted or spiral fluted
24” Heavy Sporter Contour Barrel
5/8 – 24 threaded for suppressors
Includes end cap
Directional Muzzle Brake optional


TriggerTech Primary adjusted to 2 lbs
Other trigger options available


Cerakote metal finish for maximum durability
Multiple colors available


CNC machined from one piece hardened 4140 chromoly steel
Heavily fluted body for lighter weight
Ergonomic bolt handle and knob
Engineered firing pin designed for faster, consistent lock time
Dual ejectors for improved ejection angle
Mini M16 Extractor Nickle Boron coated


Manners EH1A Elite Hunting Series
Adjustable comb: lateral & vertical adjustments
Carbon fiber/fiberglass reinforced
Detachable magazine fits AI mags
5 round magazine
Vertical grip design
Multiple colors available
Pillar bedded and free-floated barrel channel


Starting at 9 lbs


22-250 Rem
6MM Creedmoor
6.5 Creedmoor
6.5 PRC
280 AI

7MM Remington Magnum
28 Nosler
308 Winchester
300 PRC

300 Winchester Magnum
300 WSM
30 Nosler
33 Nosler
Call for other calibers

If you’re looking for a bolt action rifle that has the accuracy of a benchrest rifle combined with the reliability of a hunting rifle, then look no further. AllTerra Arms has bridged the gap between benchrest accuracy and field reliability and it’s 100% performance guaranteed.