S2-1000 Ballistics Packages


Our Ballistics Validation Service includes 20 rounds of AllTerra Premium Ammunition and true ballistics data collection to 1,000 yards through your rifle. Ballistic devices are offered as a package with this service, see below.


S2-1000: Upon completion of our 100 yard accuracy guarantee certification, we will achieve a perfect zero with your optic, then incrementally stretch it out to 1,000 yards to capture the true ballistics of your rifle & ammunition. You will receive a chart including the temperature, density altitude, pressure, humidity, and wind conditions for when the testing occurred. It will also include your rifle’s optic height, barrel twist, adjusted velocity and bullet BC, and drop data collected during this test. You can then transfer this information to the ballistic app or device of your choice and cross-reference the results with our data to ensure output accuracy.

S2-1000K: Includes everything explained in the P2-1000 description above PLUS a Kestrel 5700 4DOF Ballistic Weather Device pre-loaded with your data. With the Kestrel, all you need is an accurate range in order to quickly dial up an accurate solution.

S2-1000S: Includes everything explained in the P2-1000 description above PLUS a Sig Kilo 8K Ballistic Rangefinder set up with your ballistics. The Sig Kilo 8K will range and provide an accurate on-screen shooting solution, automatically factoring in all of your current environmentals.

Ballistic Validation is performed with AllTerra Premium Ammunition. 1 box (20 rounds) is included with these services.