Mountain Shadow Steel – 6.5 PRC


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The all new Mountain Shadow Steel is a compact, lightweight rifle that packs a heavyweight punch. It features patented Bolt-to-Bore Alignment™ for exact concentricity, and patented No-Fail Cycling™ for guaranteed operation. With its match-grade, hand-lapped, spiral fluted barrel and innovative stock design, you’ll enjoy guaranteed sub .25” 3-shot groups with AllTerra’s custom ammunition and sub .5” 3-shot groups with premium factory ammo.

Design, research and testing of the Mountain Shadow spanned nearly five years, with valuable input from more than fifty hard-core sheep hunters and guides who know what they need from a lightweight, long-range rifle. During that time we developed custom loads specifically for this rifle that produce velocities from a 20-22″ barrel that exceed the performance of popular loads in a 24-26″ barrel.

This freshly finished and ready-to-ship 6.5 PRC shot a .239″ 3-shot group at 100 yards using Hornady factory ammunition (see image of proof target).


Model: AllTerra Mountain Shadow Steel APM3077

Caliber: 6.5 PRC
Stock: AllTerra Carbon Hunter with .5″ Recoil Pad
Barrel: 20″ Benchmark Spiral Fluted 1:8 + AllTerra 4-Port Directional Brake
Trigger: Trigger Tech Primary @ 2.5 lbs
Stock Color: Damascus Chill
Metal Color: Cerakote Graphite
Length of Pull: 13.5″
Bottom Metal: BDL
Bases: Buyer’s choice included in price – Talley Lightweight or Pic Rail
Rear Mounts: Sling Stud
Forend Mounts: Pic Rail (or 2 font studs for $50 less)

Weight as pictured: 6 lb 10.9 oz

Test Group: .239″ at 100 Yards with factory Hornady Precision Hunter 143 grain ELD-X ammunition.