AllTerra Steel – 6.5 SST


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This rifle is a lightly used Marketing Demo that was originally built for loan to Craig Boddington for marketing review. It has only been fired with our custom hand loads. Between the initial load development, testing & evaluation by Mr. Boddington, and light internal use since its return, our best conservative (high side) estimate is that it has roughly 400 rounds down the barrel. This rifle will come with 30 rounds of loaded custom ammo and the custom load data. The stock paint job is new, and the rifle is in fine working order. There are some faint signs of wear here and there, which can be seen by looking closely at the product images. Feel free to give us a call with any questions! The rifle is listed at 20%-off retail, and the 30 rounds of ammo come free with the purchase.

Our flagship, all terrain rifle, the AllTerra is a balanced, easy-to-control hunting rifle that’s optimized for weight and accuracy starting at 7.5 pounds. It features all of our patented technology to eliminate the compromise between benchrest accuracy and field reliability. Whether you want to shoot 100 or 1000 yards, you’ll feel extreme confidence with every guaranteed shot.

Shooters can build their AllTerra with a hand-lapped, stainless-steel fluted barrel between 24″-26″. Every rifle sold includes our unique Carbon Hunter Stock that incorporates a negative comb for superior cheek weld, eye alignment and recoil reduction. The stock design itself will make you a better shooter.


Model: AllTerra Steel APM2033
Caliber: 6.5 SST (Sherman Short Tactical)
Stock: AllTerra Carbon Hunter with .1″ Pad
Barrel: 25.5″ Straight Flute Benchmark Steel
Trigger: Trigger Tech Special @ 2.5 lbs
Stock Color: Damascus Desert
Metal Color: Cerakote FDE (Flat Desert Earth)
Length of Pull: 13.5″
Bottom Metal: BDL
Rear Sling Mount: Sling Stud
Forend Mounts: 2 Sling Studs

Weight: 7lb 10.8 oz

Test Group: .224″ at 100 yards with 143 Hornady ELD-X handholds (3,050 fps, we will share the load data with buyer)