Long Range Package

When on an epic hunt, having the proper equipment for any condition is vital. Our Long Range Package has everything you need for your hunt!  From the rifle to the rangefinder and Kestral weather-station, we program your accessories for the exact specifications of your rifle.

  • Terrapin Range Finder – The most advanced on the civilian market
  • Kestral Ballistics Weather Meter – Programmed to produce your shooting solution
  • Load Development & Ammunition – The perfect ammo built for your exact rifle
  • Proven to 1000 – We make sure your rifle is ready for your longest shots

With the best technology comes a lot of extra work in programming and syncing all the components so there are minimal distractions and wasted time on your hunt.  With our Long Range Package we do all the work for you so the moment you take your new rifle on your hunt it’s ready to fire to 1000 meters with minimal effort.  Take the guesswork out of long range shooting and get the AllTerra Arms Long Range Package today!

Make Your Hunt Easy.

Ready to shoot, straight out of the box.

Proven to 1-Mile

We use over 10 test metrics to rigorously prove your rifle up to 1-Mile

Kestral Ballistics Weather Meter

Take the guess work out of long-range shots. The Kestral provides instantaneous shooting solutions in any weather, any condition.

Load Development & Ammunition

Ammunition designed for your specific rifle using the best available components, prepped and sorted for consistency.

Terrapin Rangefinder

The most advanced and accurate rangefinder on the civilian market.

Premium Custom Rifle

AllTerra Arms rifles were designed from the ground up to be the most accurate and consistent rifle, in any condition, on the market.

Custom AllTerra Arms Case

Store, Ship and Display your Axial rifle in this premium custom case.