You’ve always dreamed about building your own rifle and now is your chance to actually make that dream a reality. You and a companion can now join us at our facility in Boise, Idaho to work side-by-side with our team to build out your own rifle and attend our exclusive shooting course – an experience you’ll never forget.

Arrive in Boise in the afternoon. Once you’ve settled in at your hotel you will join us at our facility for a tour followed by a bar-b-que with the team, including owner Drew Foster.

You will spend the next day building out your rifle with the guidance of our expert gunsmiths. The process includes:

  • Bolt assembly
  • Trigger installation/adjustment
  • Bottom metal assembly
  • Barrel and receiver mating
  • Barrel engraving
  • Brake installation
  • Stock assembly
  • Barreled action and stock mating
  • Mount and level optics
  • Safety and quality Checklist

Lunch will be provided. Once your rifle is complete you’ll head to the range for a little shooting.

The AllTerra Experience: $1,500

(after the cost of your rifle)


Call to reserve your AllTerra Experience: 208.608.5179

Pick a date of your choice or join us at our next scheduled dates: July 23-25, 2021

Must register by May 1st


If you want to take your experience to the next level add another day for a private shooting course with Travis Woodbury. Travis has 15 years of military and law-enforcement sniper experience and will instruct you in the basic fundamental marksmanship skills needed to shoot long range.

You will learn how to assess all the key components of a precision shooting system – from bullet design, barrel performance, powder performance, velocity consistency, rifle alignment systems, scope adjustments, wind adjustments and much, much more. The course will wrap up by 5:00pm. An optional, additional day is available for more range time to finely hone your shooting skills and is highly recommended.

Private Precision Shooting Course by Travis Woodbury: $2,000 (and you can bring a friend)

Does not include travel to and from Boise, lodging, rental car, meals (other than those specified), ammunition or incidentals. We’ll be happy to assist with your travel and accommodations.

For more on your private, exclusive shooting course click here.